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With BREVA we are developing an interventional therapeutic approach for the minimally invasive treatment of acute type A dissection.

The „Endo-Bentall“ concept consists of a combination of endovascular stent graft and catheter-based aortic valve prosthesis.

The stent graft portion is intended to close the primary entry tear and to cover the aortic wall of the ascending aorta. The valve element stabilizes the aortic root and replaces the function of the aortic valve. The implant is released via ​a transapical access. That allows a safe route into the true vascular lumen as well as control of possible cardiac tamponade.

The goal of BREVA is to enable the treatment of acute type A dissection as part of a one-stage procedure using a minimally invasive approach.

Transcatheter System for Acute Type A Aortic Disssection

Device under development - commercially not available.

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